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Cabo Stats

The Baja Peninsula consists of 2 states.  Baja Norte and Baja Sur. Cabo is located in Baja Sur and the state capital is La Paz, located about 1 1/2 hours north of Cabo. Recently I came across some interesting facts about Cabo and Southern Baja.   Almost 40% of the Southern Baja residents were born in […]

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Cabo San Lucas Local Newspaper

We always enjoy reading the Gringo Gazette, one of Cabo’s local English newspapers.  The owner/editor Carrie Duncan is always creative as are the other contributing writers.  Next time you are in Cabo pick up a copy or go online.  Here’s the link: In a recent issue, March 28, I found the following article and […]

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Cabo Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound: Despite misleading reports, Los Cabos remains a secure travel destination. Although Los Cabos is already one of the safest places to vacation and live, the government’s local agencies are overhauling its policies, prioritizing the security of its visitors and residents. From the director of tourism to the federal police, their mission is […]

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