When and what to tip is a common question while traveling to Mexico. Although it is customary to tip frequently in Mexico, it is always optional. Below are some suggested guidelines and tips on tipping for the various situations during your Cabo retreat.

Vacation Rental Tips & Gratuity Recommendations

As part of your vacation rental, you will have many opportunities to tip. Here are some tips on tipping at your luxury vacation rental.


It is a good idea to tip your concierge if they have been given you exceptional service. For example, if they have made special arrangements for dinner, reserved restaurants, arranged activities, and are called upon for various reasons during their stay, please consider tipping them. The tip amount will vary depending on how much service they provided.


Tip the maids a $3-5 every day when staying in a resort or private home or condo. Although, if you’re staying at a premier villa with full time staff included it is customary to tip the maids/staff $5-10 per person/per day.


Tip between 15-20% of total bill.


Tip between 15-20% of total bill.

Outside Service Tips on Tipping


Tips at restaurants are the same as tipping back home.  Tip 15-20% for waiters, depending on service, but make sure a 15% service charge hasn’t already been added to the bill. (Although this practice is more common in resorts).


It is not expected to tip taxi drivers, but it is always appreciated. Tipping taxi drivers is necessary only if the driver helps with your bags;  $1-3 should be enough, depending on the extent of the help. However, If you have hired a driver for throughout your trip, a tip of $3-$5 per day is appropriate.


Tip tour guides and drivers at least $3 (39 pesos) per half day or 10% of the tour fee, minimum.


Gas-station attendants receive 50¢ to $1 (6 to 13 pesos), more if they check the oil, tires, etc. Parking attendants—including those at restaurants with valet parking—should be tipped $1 to $3 (13 to 39 pesos).


When buying groceries it is appropriate to tip the kids or elderly who bag your groceries. 10 pesos is a good amount and helps you to get rid of extra change.

Final Note

When tipping in Baja, remember that the minimum wage is equivalent to a mere $5 a day, and that the vast majority of workers in the tourist industry of Mexico live barely above the poverty line. Also to note is to not tip in coins because they cannot be exchanged and are virtually worthless.