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Cabo San Lucas Local Newspaper

We always enjoy reading the Gringo Gazette, one of Cabo’s local English newspapers.  The owner/editor Carrie Duncan is always creative as are the other contributing writers.  Next time you are in Cabo pick up a copy or go online.  Here’s the link:  http://www.gringogazette.tv/ In a recent issue, March 28, I found the following article and thought it would be fun to share. Who Reads What? And is anybody reading the...

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Cabo San Lucas Celebration

Celebration to the Virgin of Guadalupe is on December 12 every year.  This celebration honors the patron saint of Mexico.  Below is additional information about this celebration. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_of_Guadalupe

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Cabo San Lucas KidSmart

Looking for a way to make a difference in the life of a child in Cabo?  KidSmart, a stay-in-school project serving academically-gifted students from economically-challenged neighborhoods, is looking for sponsors.  Sponsors give support to individual children and teens in the program.  A sponsor provides a school uniform and shoes in addition to a $20/month stipend to their honor student.  This organization is also in need of corporate sponsors for the...

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Cabo Turtle Release

Cabo Adventures has released their  latest new tour called “Sunset Turtle Release”.  They are working very closely with Asupmatoma to offer their mutual  guests the opportunity to explore “Rancho San Cristobal” located on the pacific ocean side of the bay.  This special tour will educate participants about the turtles that visit local beaches and allow them to take part in releasing the turtles into the sea.  For every space purchased,...

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September 16 Mexican Independence Day

This year Mexico will be celebrating 200 years of independence and a dramatic re-enactment of the revolutionary Father Hidalgo’s call to his fellow Mexicans to join the uprising takes place on the night before.  This re-enactment takes place in city halls throughout the country.  Mexican flags are displayed everywhere you go and celebrations continue throughout the night.  On the 16th military parades are held in most cities.  This is a...

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December Traditions

Feliz Navidad! Over the years with our staff in Cabo San Lucas we have enjoyed these traditions. We have held a posada at our annual Christmas Party complete with the traditional song seeking shelter. Each January 6 we have several loaves of Three Kings Bread delivered and we have a celebration together partaking in the bread and drinking the a special rich hot chocolate called Champurrado. Our loaves of Three...

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Baha Ha Ha Rally – Cabo San Lucas

Every fall since 1994 Cabo has been host to the arrival of The Baja Ha Ha Rally. This boating rally departs San Diego the last week of October for the 750 mile trip which ends in Cabo San Lucas the first week of November. The Rally participants, 193 entrants for the 2009 event, make 2 stops along the way. One stop at Turtle Bay (Bahia Tortuga) and the other at...

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El Dia de los Muertos – Cabo San Lucas

“The Day of the Dead” or “All Soul’s Day” El Dia de los Muertos is a holiday that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to remember and pray for friends and family who have passed away.  The celebration on November 1 is in connection with the Catholic All Saints’ Day and November 2 All Souls’ Day.  Traditionally private altars honoring the deceased are built using skulls, flowers, and favorite...

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Baja Sea Turtle Rescue in Cabo San Lucas (September 1-31)

Join Baja and Beyond on this five-day adventure where you’ll experience first-hand, the enjoyment and satisfaction of assisting an endangered species, the Olive Ridley sea turtle, as it makes its way to sea. The 1000-acre Rancho San Cristobal Nature Reserve, a beautiful sandy beach along the Pacific Ocean just north of Baja’s Cabo San Lucas, is the venue for this unique and exciting program. We’ll search for turtles at night...

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