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Things to see in and around Cabo San Lucas

I had the opportunity to visit Cacti Mundo on a recent visit to San Jose del Cabo and enjoyed walking through this wonderful Cacti garden.  Having lived in the desert for many years I thought I had seen every cactus possible, but not so.  The variety of the Cacti found in Cacti Mundo (Cactus World) is amazing.  It’s a relatively small garden with so much to see.  The cost is...

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San Jose del Cabo Mission

Father Nicolas Tamaral established the Mission San Jose del Cabo Anuiti in 1730 as part of the Jesuit colonization of the peninsula of Baja California.  The building site was moved by the missionaries on several occasions in an attempt to flee from epidemics and mosquito infestations, while securing a source of fresh water.  Early buildings were simple structures of adobe, sticks and palm fronds, vulnerable to storm damage. In 1734,...

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Vacation Tips

Go away and enjoy your vacation…….Hot suggestions Going on Vacation?? Leave your Blackberry behind. Experts say that people who are connected to the office, even while lounging on the beach are less likely to receive the full benefits of a vacation. Stay healthy on vacation…… Before you go, start adjusting your sleep schedule to your destination’s time zone. If you are heading overseas or your itinerary includes outdoorsy type activities,...

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Hightide Los Cabos

If you want to “Live the Experience” book a special tour with High Tide Los Cabos.  Listed below are scheduled tours, however High Tide Los Cabos will custom design any tour to your desire. Surf Lessons at Cerritos Beach in the Winter This world renowned surf spot with a beach break is exposed to west swells that can light up for days on end with super clean conditions.  It’s a...

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Todos Santos-“Pueblo Magico”

One of our favorite road trips when friends come to visit us is going to Todos Santos.  Named “Pueblo Magico” in 2006, Todos Santos is a small coastal town at the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur.  It is about a 45 minute drive along a winding 2 lane highway through the desert and along the coast with a number...

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