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San Jose del Cabo

Tips on Tipping & Gratuity in Mexico

When and what to tip is a common question while traveling to Mexico. Although it is customary to tip frequently in Mexico, it is always optional. Below are some suggested guidelines and tips on tipping for the various situations during your Cabo retreat.  Vacation Rental Tips & Gratuity Recommendations As part of your vacation rental, […]

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Cabo San Lucas Grocery Options

If we’ve heard this once, we’ve heard it a million times! “Is there a decent grocery store in Cabo and, if so, how close is it?” The good news is that there are quite a few options in and around Cabo that are conveniently located. The great news is that they carry many of the […]

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“What is the tourist corridor?”, you ask

Once upon a time, this 20-mile stretch of coastline is where Pericú Indians fished, pirates plundered, and Jesuit missionaries sought to expand Spanish influence. Today, known simply as the corridor, the area boasts a four-lane highway that runs through the Los Cabos desert and parallels the sparkling Sea of Cortez, linking San José del Cabo […]

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Cabo Update

Just received this update from the Gringo Gazette regarding progress in Cabo. Baja Recovering Rapidly September 22, 2014 Wallmart and Sam’s Club are open again. The Army has restored order, sending about 7,000 soldiers to us. There are guards at every corner downtown Cabo and at all banks, and helicopters in the air. the curfew […]

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Disaster Relief Cabo San Lucas

Many of you have asked about helping the Los Cabos community.  Below are organizations and information about how you can help. Thirst No More This is a ministry we choose to partner with during natural disaster for relief aid. Craig Miller, founder of Thirst No More has agreed to help lead efforts in Cabo. […]

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Cabo information…..

Where is Cabo San Lucas? I am amazed at how many people still haven’t heard of Cabo San Lucas or know where Cabo is located.  Cabo San Lucas is located at the most southern tip of the Baja Peninsula.  This is the peninsula that comes down from California. If you are wanting to drive to […]

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