I you are flying by commercial airline to Cabo San Lucas you will land at the San Jose del Cabo Airport (SJD) about 45 minutes from Cabo San Lucas.  There are two large terminals and one private  terminal.  Once you arrive you will clear customs and collect your luggage.  When you have your luggage you will put the luggage through the security check machines and then be asked to push a button for a green or red light.  If you get a red light not to worry, the officials just want to take a peek in your bags.  Once you clear security you will be on your way to enjoying the beautiful weather, beaches, culture and people of Los Cabos.

Los Cabos offers one of the top private airports in Mexico.  Information you will need before planning a flight is below:

The San Jose Del Cabo Airport is  primarily used for civilian aircraft.  Facilities include a control tower, Flight Service Station, fuel and tarmac jet parking and limited maintenance.  No hangars are available.

Los Cabos International

San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Time Zone:  Mountain

Latitude: 23°09’07″N (23.151850)

Longitude: 109°43’16″W (-109.721044)

Elevation: 358

Variation: -10

Longest Runway: 9843

Dept: ATIS: 127.6

ARR. ATIS: 127.6

Tower: 118.9

Phone: 011-52-624-145-5111

Frequency: 129.9

Airport Ident: MMSD

Field Elevation: 374’

Customs: Airport of Entry