Industry experts have reported that a typical family or business vacation travel and trends during COVID, is a week-long stay at a sanitized private vacation rental. Also, a growing group of experts say that traveling with shorter flights are springing back much more quickly. Cabo San Lucas is a close and convenient destination with ease of travel which perfectly fits the trend. Read on for more trends that will encourage your desire to travel during these times.

Private Vacation Rentals

Imagine your villa fully stocked with your choice of food and beverages, a personal chef serving you meals, complimentary welcome amenities upon arrival, private in-villa spa service, and private airport transfers. If you choose, you can stay in your private villa and let us serve whatever you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. We are pleased to offer complimentary personal concierge services to all of our guests.


Business + Leisure is the New Travel and Trends during COVID

The newest trend is combining elements of both business and pleasure in the form of retreats and vacations. Travelers are likely to engage in what has become known as the term “bleisure” travel in which work trips are extended for personal experiences. In considering your combination of business and leisure trip, we have the perfect options available for your private or business retreats.

Bleisure travel is beneficial for increased productivity and rejuvenation to spark ideas and focus on goals. This time can be used for brainstorming, defining goals, creating agendas, and building productivity. In addition, with the necessity to work remotely during COVID, this has created more options for both work and play.


Nature Experiences

There is plenty to experience in Cabo without the large crowds. For example, underwater scuba diving and snorkeling is one way to get close to nature and not close to each other.  Hiking, golfing, boating, zipline, off-road ATVs, horseback riding, and private tours are also available that adhere to social distancing practices. In addition, we can assure your safety and schedule private tours and activities.


Longer Trip Durations

Also, trending is longer duration stays, with an average 8 to 9/night bookings instead of the typical 3/night stays. These travels and trends reports started when urbanites were booking month-long escapes from city centers that pushed the average length stay up. With these longer stays, we are also able to offer some great discounts!

Travel and Trends during COVID is Vacationing Safe and Smart

Sanitation and hygiene will be a higher priority than ever. You can assure safe cleanliness procedures and protocols at your private luxury vacation rental and around town.


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