Common firsts

yes – si
no – no
please – por favor
thank you – gracias
you’re welcome – de nada
sorry – perdon
What is your name? – Como se Llama?
My name is… – Mi nombre es…


Do you speak English?
Habla Ingles?

Do you understand English?
Entiende Ud. El ingles

Do you understand me?
Me Entiende?

I do not speak Spanish.
No hablo español.

Yes sir; no madam
Si señor, no señora

Very little
Muy poco

I do not understand
No entiendo.

Please speak slowly
Hable despacio por favor

Do you understand me?
Me entiende Usted?

Please speak slowly.
Por favor hable despacio.

I wish to speak with an interpreter.
Quisiera hablar con un interprete.

What did you say?
Como dice?

What does it mean?
Que significa esto?

If you have any phrases you’d like to share, we’d love for you to leave a comment with the english to spanish version in the comments area!