San Jose’s Estuary

The Estuary, located next to downtown San Jose del Cabo, is a beautiful place to take a walk, bird watch and observe the beauty of nature.  Among the fine feathered friends you may see on your visit are herons, ducks, egrets, pelicans and osprey.  The Estuary has brought visitors to the area for more than three centuries including pirates, nature lovers and over 250 species of migratory birds.

The fresh water that empties into the estuary starts in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains.  These mountains are peaks of granite that tower 6000 feet above sea level where the rain is more plentiful than in the dry desert below.  The river mostly travels underground for 30 miles or so before reaching the mouth of the estuary.  It has been a crucial element in the development of the area.  Pericu Indians, Spanish galleons and Jesuit missionaries were all drawn to this important source of fresh water.

When visiting San Jose del Cabo stop by for a walk through nature!  You never know what you may see.