Swim with the Dolphins!

Swim with the Dolphins!

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime event when you come nose to nose (bottlenose, that is) with one of the most intelligent and fascinating creatures on earth. The dolphin experiences offered by Cabo Adventures allow you to learn about the Pacific bottlenose dolphin in an up-close and personal kind of way. See their behavior first hand while you interact and swim with these magnificent animals. And if that isn’t enough, you can also become a trainer for a day!

Check out some of the dolphin experiences below to find the dolphin swim that is perfect for you.

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Dolphin Signature Swim
50% Off
Booking Window: Sept 15th – October 15th, 2016
Travel Dates: September 15th – December 19th, 2016

Dolphin Signature Swim – In small groups, you will meet friendly dolphins who will be yours for this magical experience. This program allows you the opportunity to pet, play and swim with these intriguing marine mammals while enjoying an educational program full of fun, excitement and unique activities. Get to know your dolphin as you enjoy a belly ride or fin tow, dance with your dolphin and receive a big fishy kiss!

Dolphin Kids – Children have impressionable minds and this program designed to give them the opportunity to learn more about bottlenose dolphins. After a short presentation by the trainers, children enter our shallow platform to meet their dolphin. Fun and interaction are all part of the program, from kissing and hugging to singing with and feeding them!

Dolphin Encounter – Created for families or guests who are not confident in deep water, a shallow platform allows close up, one on one interaction with the dolphins. Learn about dolphin anatomy, physiology and their nature while also enjoying dolphin kisses, hugs, rub downs, feeding and in-water interaction!

Trainer for a Day – Become part of a highly experienced team and get to know a friendly family of bottlenose dolphins. Help prepare their daily diet in the morning and learn about how they are cared for in laboratory. Enjoy free time in the water with the dolphins as you play with them and assist in the training of these amazing mammals. A full dolphin swim session is included. And after lunch, become an actual dolphin trainer in the afternoon as you assist with a dolphin swim program. Finish your day by receiving your diploma, photo and DVD!

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