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Maria CoronaMaria Corona is a restaurant located in downtown Cabo that recently opened as a sister restaurant to Baja Cantina Dockside and Baja Cantina on the beach.  This beautiful restaurant is named after the owner’s grandmother and the menu is composed of traditional Mexican dishes.  Many of these recipes were passed on from generation to generation and some date back to before the discovery of America.

We have known the owner for 9 years and when he announced he was opening another restaurant we knew we could expect the same quality of food, service and atmosphere.  The menu is diverse, food is delicious and service is excellent.  The staff takes pride in every dish prepared, starting with the selection, care and handling of quality ingredients to the traditional techniques in which they are prepared.

Make sure you stop in for lunch or dinner at Maria Corona and tell them that Baja Sur Vacation Rentals sent you. If you’d like, take a look at some pictures we’ve taken at Maria Corona.

Bienvenidos a su casa y “Buen Provecho” – 16 de Septiembre between Morelos and Leona Vicario. One block from Puerto Paraíso – (624) 143-0123

Maria Corona Menu #1

Maria Corona Menu #2

Map to Maria Corona