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Tequila is made from the fermented and distilled sap of the blue agave plant and was the first distilled spirit on the North American continent. Most all tequila producers are located in and near the Jalisco State of Mexico. In the 1500s, the Spanish adapted the indigenous drink pulque, fermented from the maguey plant, into mezcal, which was eventually distilled into the tequila we drink today, using agave. Cuervo would be the first distillery to bottle tequila in the late 1900s when others were still using barrels.

Tequila is given a category based on age and color. Blanco (white or silver) is un-aged tequila, while “Gold” tequila is bottled young. Rested tequila is aged in oak for at least two months and Añejo has aged for a year or more. To be classified as tequila, it must be made from no less than 51% Weber blue agave. The finest tequilas are 100% blue agave distilled for about nine years. It can still be high quality if not 100% blue agave, but when it falls in the 80-85% range, it is more standard fare. It also doesn’t have to be aged more than a year after distillation, but the older the tequila, the smoother it will be.



The recommended places below will be able to offer expert advice on good quality tequila. When you rent your Cabo San Lucas vacation rental, you also have the option to hire private tequila tastings.

Cabo San Lucas

Pancho’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar
One of the best dining operations in Cabo, Pancho’s is likely the first name you’re given when you ask about finding good Tequila. Pancho’s provides tasting classes as well.

Arriba Tequila Bar
Offers the best tequilas nationally and internationally where you can try each one in the tasting each Friday.

J&J La Casa del Habano
A cigar shop to buy authentic Habanos (Cuban Cigars) but also specialized in Premium Tequila and Mezcal tastings.

Macho Tequila Boutique Bar
Nice variety of tequilas with samples available.  Located behind Solomon’s Landing in the Tesoro resort.

San Jose del Cabo

Habanero’s Gastro Grill & Tequila Bar
Habanero’s will happily provide guidance to more novice tequila tasters. The bar has received an award for its know-how from the Mexican Tequila Regulating Agency.

Antiqua Los Cabos
This unique store is filled with handcrafts, designer linens, fine leather and unique beverages but Antigua Los Cabos also offers complementary tequila tastings. You will learn about top notes, undertones and finishes of these premium distillations. They feature carefully selected tequilas and tequila-based liqueurs.

Los Barriles de Don Malaquias
Habanos and Tequilas. Unique bottles, good selection (260 tequlias), specialty almond, coffee and tequila liquors and hand crafted miniature white oak barrels. Free tequila tastings daily with 52 tequilas to choose from.


– Costco for the best price and a very good selection.
– Europa located at the mall on the marina.
– Boulevard Vinos y Licores
– Duty free shop at the airport
– Cabo Duty Free
– Cabo Wabo Boutique and Tequila
– Tequila’s House Liquor Store
– El Sureño Liquor Store
– Tequila Town
– La Cofradia Tequila – Factory Store


You can take back 2 bottles per person for checked baggage only.

While enjoying your Cabo vacation rental, there are three amazing Organic Farms in San Jose del Cabo that are worth spending a whole day exploring. Flora Farms is a unique restaurant located on a 10-acre organic farm & 150-acre ranch in the Las Animas area just outside of San José del Cabo. Next, is Acre Baja, home to a 25-acre organic farm and restaurant with exceptional farm-to-table cuisine in a uniquely stylish setting. Last but not least, Los Tamarindos, one of Los Cabos region’s largest organic farms with rich history dating back to 19th century. Make your reservations early as they book up months in advance.

Flora Farms

Flora’s Field Kitchen

Established in 1996, this 10-acre farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains has become a leader in the region for organic, sustainable farming. From Fresh-baked breads made each morning to meats that are sourced from Flora Farms’ 150-acre ranch this will be a unforgettable tasteful experience. On Sundays the restaurant serves a brunch with dishes like herb scrambled farm eggs and lemon ricotta pancakes. Select areas of Flora Farms are available for private gatherings for special occasions.

The Farm Bar

The Farm Bar is a field-side gathering place for relaxation and celebration with daily live music. Along with cocktails, wine, and beer on tap, the Farm Bar serves amazing specialty cocktails such as the heirloom carrot Farmarita and also discover new flavors like the Mezcal Margarita.

Shops at Flora Farms

Discover the shops featuring fashion, jewelry, body care, gifts, food, coffee, wine, beer, special interests and activities. There’s also a small grocery where visitors can purchase freshly baked bread and produce.

Cooking Classes, Farm Spa, Painting Lessons

A few days a week, you can schedule a cooking class and learn to make Roasted Vegetables with lime cilantro cream and tomatillo salsa, corn tortillas the old-fashioned way, Seasonal Tamale Class, and regional salsas. Nestled around papaya trees and the herbs and flowers of the spa garden, enjoy massages, facials, spa manicures and pedicures, men’s and women’s hair services, and more. Also, join in Prestigious artist Francois Paris (owner of O Gallery) for Plein Air Painting Lessons.

Acre Baja

Home to a 25-acre organic farm and restaurant showcasing exceptional farm-to-table cuisine in a uniquely stylish setting. Drive down a country dirt road until you reach your unexpected destination, a tropical oasis, out in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by lush palms, this stunning setting offers a wonderful experience. Combined with the boutique tree houses, the bar and restaurant, and beautiful grounds, are in itself a perfect destination.

Upon entering, you will encounter stone walkways with dim lighting surrounded by palms, until you reach a concrete staircase that leads you to the bar and dining room. On your way you will pass the on-site distillery and shops. The Acre bar also has an incredible cocktail menu. The list is long and it echoes the amazing cuisine menu, with many ingredients sourced from the on-site organic garden. You will not be able to resist the Herb-Smoked Negroni or the Adelita and Tres Amigos, or the impressive wine list.


Whether an intimate gathering for 20 or a large extravaganza, Acre is a perfect place for a celebration. With their unique spaces, award-winning food and drink, on-site accommodations, the opportunities are limitless.

Los Tamarindos

One of the Los Cabos region’s largest organic farms with rich history dating back to 19th century, when it was used to cultivate sugar cane. Its history is seen by the ancient tamarind trees for which the farm is named.

The 17-acre farm features a variety of crops, including tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, zucchinis, beets, kale, chard, arugula, lettuce, and herbs. The incredible taste of the fresh food with a wide variety of styles and combinations is just perfect. You can enjoy a guided tour through their farm and learn a little more about the process of organic farming. Enjoy the amazing views of the natural surroundings and the farm during daytime, and at night and you can have the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunset. A perfect location for small or large gatherings.

Cooking Classes

The beautiful kitchen with stone walls and wooden ceilings is a perfect setting for hands on classes with the chef. Learn to cook succulent dishes from the Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. After the class, share a common table tasting the fruits of your labor while you enjoy the view of the fields and the breeze of the Sea of Cortez.

Expand your business horizons and plan your next corporate retreat at a luxury vacation villa rental in beautiful Cabo San Lucas. What a great way to reward and treat your employees with adventure and rejuvenation. Hold some business meetings, add some adventure, explore the area, dine on exquisite cuisine, and enjoy the lively nightlife.

Renting a vacation villa is a perfect idea for how to not only save money but also create a more relaxed environment for team building and add value to your time together. A private villa will provide privacy, space, amenities and entertainment for everyone. You can reduce your business trip costs by cooking in your own kitchen or order chef service and catering to serve amazing meals at the house.

Five important benefits of a destination Corporate Retreat. It will be your company’s best decision and smartest investment.

Comfort + Luxury = Morale Building + Rewards

One of the most important assets of your company is the employees and it’s important to acknowledge them. Going on a corporate retreat allows your employees to renew their enthusiasm and excitement for work. It will also help gain focus and dedication, while showing gratitude and appreciation. Enjoy unique opportunities to network with clients or team members around the poolside and boost team morale in style.

Relax + Unwind = Bonding + New Perspectives

Corporate retreats are a great way for employees to refresh, relax, and strengthen communication and interaction with each other. Communication builds connections that spurs creativity and empowers employees to gain new perspectives for the business. It is a valuable time to train together and build bonds together.

Adventure + Activity = Team Building + Skill Building

Enjoying adventure and team building activities together builds camaraderie and helps train employees to identify and incorporate personal strengths of individuals to achieve group goals. By working together effectively and gaining new skills, it will improve the performance of your work force. This time will bring employees closer together as a team which will increase communication and enhance trust.

Refresh + Rejuvenate = Increased Productivity + Problem Solving

Corporate retreats are not only for team and skill building, they are also for improving morale, strategizing and creating a working environment that can give your team a boost.  A company retreat allows team members to regroup and renew visions, which in turns leads to solving problems. Statistics show that engaging with fellow employees on a vacation corporate retreat will bring excitement and increase productivity.

Inspire + Create = Defining Goals + Objectives

With increased productivity and rejuvenation sparks ideas and focused goals. This time can be used for brainstorming, defining goals, creating agendas, building productivity. With the popularity of remote offices, this is a great opportunity to gather everyone together.

Book a Vacation Rental Villa for your next Corporate Retreat

Villa Cielito

The spectacular villa is beach front property on Chileno Bay and accommodates 16 guests and for special events up to 65 guests. Full Staff is included and Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be prepared for guests for a reasonable fee. There is a minimum stay requirement, an extra event fee plus any applicable permit fees.

Villa Marcella

This amazing beach front villa in the exclusive Pedregal community accommodates 17 guests and for special events up to 200 guests. Included is a full staff to provide all house needs and meal prep for a reasonable fee.  There is a minimum stay requirement, an extra event fee plus any applicable permit fees.

Villa Esperanza

This beautiful 7 bedroom villa accommodates 22 guests and for special events up to 75 guest sitting or 100 guests standing. There is a minimum stay requirement, an extra event fee plus any applicable permit fees.

Villa Penasco

The villa is a most spectacular 360 degrees cliff front property and accommodates 14 guests and for special events up to 60 guests. There is a full staff to provide for all house needs and meal prep for reasonable fee. There is a minimum stay requirement and extra event fee plus any applicable permit fees.


Villa Maria

Villa Maria can accommodate 12 guests and for special events up to 80 guests sitting or 150 guests standing. A minimum stay requirement, extra event fee, and applicable permits apply. Complimentary Chef Services for two meals per day on 4+ night stays (breakfast and lunch only). Gratuity and cost of food not included.

Casa Luca

Villa accommodates 14 guests. Staff is available from 8-2 pm daily. Daily housekeeping at no extra charge. A personal butler is there from 8-2 pm every day. Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be prepared for guests for a reasonable fee.

Villa Mariposa

This amazing beach front villa near San Jose del Cabo and Pamilla accommodates 15 guests.This stunningly beautiful villa boasts a privileged location on a glorious stretch of sand. With spectacular views and elegant furnishings, Casa Mariposa is the perfect choice for your corporate retreat.

Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area has a vibrant underwater marine life to discover. Exploring the crystal-clear underwater world is refreshing, relaxing and fascinating and will sure to be a memorable adventure. You will encounter numerous tropical fish and other sea creatures that inhabit these beautiful waters. After relaxing by the poolside of your vacation rental, venture out to snorkel and dive on your own or schedule a tour for a boat ride to various destinations.


Pelican Rock near the famous Los Arcos Arch, Santa Maria, or Chileno Bay are some locations where your time under the water will be an enjoyable experience. One available tour will take you beyond the hotel zone in San Jose del Cabo to secluded coves and isolated beaches for the ultimate snorkel excursion. The tour also includes stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and a comfortable, Apex high-speed boat ride.

Cabo San Lucas & Corridor

Cannery Beach, Cabo San Lucas – Best on Own

For a more peaceful experience, this small beach (located at the end of Marina Blvd. past the Navy base) is popular with locals. This hidden gem is a private, but public beach, with no vendors and is great for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Lovers Beach, Cabo San Lucas – Best with Tour

Lover’s Beach (Playa de Amor) is located on the Sea of Cortez side near the famous stone arch (El Arco). The only access to this beach is by water taxi from the marina or Medano Beach. Make sure to arrange for your return trip. Swimming and snorkeling is good on the Sea of Cortez side depending upon the water conditions. This beach is crowded so be aware.

Santa Maria, Corridor – Best on Own

Another beach that should be top on your list is Santa Maria Beach. This beach boast calm, clear waters which is perfect for diving, snorkeling, and swimming. It is claimed as a marine sanctuary with an abundance of tropical fish. This beach is great for families. Remember to bring your own snorkel gear, water and snacks if you’re going to venture on your own. This is a perfect spot for snorkeling due to the quiet setting and great rock outcroppings. You will encounter royal blue and yellow damsel fish, cow fish, parrot fish, urchins, coral, and long nose hawk fish.

Chileno Bay, Corridor – On Own or With Tour

Great for families, snorkeling and diving. Several reefs are situated in these calm, clear waters with an abundance of marine life consisting of over 80 species. The long finger type coral reefs attract a lot of sea life. You will encounter damselfish, sergeant majors, yellowtail surgeonfish and Moray eels can be found and in the deep cracks in the reef. This bay great for beginner snorkelers because of clear and shallow waters. This is a popular destination for snorkel excursions, so it might be busy in the water.

San Jose del Cabo, East Cape, La Paz

East Cape, San Jose del Cabo – Best with Tour

Discover the tiny town of Zacatitos where you can snorkel at healthy coral reefs with a plethora of marine life.

Cabo Pulmo National Park – Best with Tour

We recommend booking a tour as the drive is about two hours out of Cabo San Lucas and it’s a bumpy, windy, and crazy. Cabo Pulmo, a small village with a 17,571-acre Marine Protected Area (MPA), has the best diving and snorkeling in Baja. It’s also home to the only Pacific coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. John Steinbeck wrote about these ancient reefs in his 1951 book The Log from the Sea of Cortez.

La Paz– Best with Tour
Close proximity is another UNESCO World Heritage site located at the Cerralvo and Espiritu Santu Islands.


Scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas offers divers of all levels a unique and wondrous diving experience. Diving in Southern Baja will be an exciting and memorable experience with caves, coral reefs and shipwrecks to explore and discover. With over 800 fish species that inhabit these waters and prime conditions will make your diving adventure a remarkable experience.

Cabo San Lucas & Corridor

Pelican Rock & Sand Falls
Located in the Cabo San Lucas Bay along the rocky cliffs towards the famous Land’s End arch, this area provides dives starting at 20 ft depths. There is plenty to discover, including puffers, goat fish, parrot fish, angels and eels. Other common marine life are lobsters, jacks, rays and the occasional reef shark. Jacques Cousteau’s discovered this area also known as the Sand Falls.

Neptune’s Finger
Also located in Cabo Bay, this dive brings you the usual colorful display of tropical fish and you may also receive a visit from a sea turtle.

North Wall – Good for Beginners

This is one of the best locations for beginning divers also located in Cabos San Lucas Bay. This also offers the usual beautiful display of marine life.

Land’s End (The Point) – Experience Divers Only
Dives start out around 25 ft depth with an abundance of tropical fish, lobsters, hawkfish, eels, and even schools of tuna. Currents are strong in this area is best suited for the experienced diver.

Santa Maria Cove & Chileno Bay – Good for All Levels
Claimed as marine sanctuary’s with an abundance of tropical fish. You will encounter royal blue and yellow damsel fish, cow fish, parrot fish, urchins, coral, and long nose hawk fish. Corals and sea fans among the ridges decorate the reef.

San Jose del Cabo, East Cape, La Paz

Gordo Banks, San Jose del Cabo – Experience Divers
Gordo Banks is for experienced divers only with the top of the seamount at 110 ft depth and with strong currents. You will encounter large gatherings of hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, marlin, and swordfish. Best diving time is seasonal during August through November.

East Cape – Good for All Levels
This region offers dozens of near shore and off shore diving sites. Suited for all levels of divers the diving sites include Punta Pescadero, Cerro Verde, Rancho Buena Vista Reef, El Cardonal and Punta Perico. For the more experienced diver, discover Punta de la Ventana where, with the right conditions, you can explore caves and encounter grouper, jewfish and sea bass.

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park – Good for All Levels

This UNESCO World Heritage site is another must-dive adventure to experience with spectacular and vibrant coral reefs found in this marine protected area. Cabo Pulmo National Park has the best diving and snorkeling in Baja and is home to the only Pacific hard coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. The abundant coral growth on the rocky reefs provides shelter and food for countless reef fish, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. The diving sites include Bahia Las Barracas to the north and Bahia Los Frailes to the south.

La Paz – Good for All Levels
If you want to venture further North, La Paz is another great dive destination. In close proximity is another UNESCO World Heritage site located at the Cerralvo and Espiritu Santu Islands. These islands provide dozens of dive sites, with a cave that has an air chamber that allows divers to surface while inside.


Cabo AdventuresFrom first time divers to those looking for all levels PADI certifications, Cabo Adventures offers everything you will need. With the most experienced staff and the best and most well-equipped dive boat in Cabo, you are sure to have a safe and amazing dive adventure.

Cabo Rey Snorkeling Tour

Cabo Expeditions

Baja Dive

A popular question we often hear is “Where is it safe to swim in Cabo?” Below is a complete list of all the beaches and recommended activities and safety precautions for each beach. When you book your private villa with Baja Sur Vacation Rentals, the list below and the detailed map of beach locations, will serve you well in your vacation planning.

Water Safety

Beach Resorts use a flag system to indicate water safety. Depending on the weather, flag colors may change, so be sure to always check on current beach conditions. Even on swimmable beaches, exercise caution due to these seasonal changes. 

Red – Dangerous
Yellow – Caution
Green – Safe
Blue Flag Beaches– World-renowned eco-certification awards for being clean and accessible, great water quality; meets high safety standards; and works hard to protect local shorelines and ecosystems.

Cabo San Lucas

PEDREGAL(Pacific Ocean): NO Swimming or Wading Near Shore Break
A beautiful and pristine beach, but there is no swimming allowed on any beaches located on the Pacific Ocean side because of strong and dangerous currents, harsh waves, and under toes.

PLAYA SOLMAR (Pacific Ocean): NO Swimming or Wading Near Shore Break
Located on the Pacific side of Land’s End, Playa Solmar offers spectacular views and long stretches of white pristine sand. Beach vendors are not allowed access. Absolutely no swimming is allowed because the strong currents and powerful shore break is very dangerous.

LOVER’S BEACH (Sea of Cortez): Swimming, Snorkeling, Kayaking
Lover’s Beach (Playa de Amor) is located on the Sea of Cortez side near the famous stone arch (El Arco). The only access to this beach is by water taxi from the marina or Medano Beach. Make sure to arrange for your return trip. Swimming and snorkeling is good on the Sea of Cortez side depending upon the water conditions.

DIVORCE BEACH (Pacific Ocean): NO Swimming or Wading Near Shore Break
Warning! While at Lover’s Beach do not attempt to wade or swim on the neighboring Pacific Ocean side, called Divorce beach, as strong and dangerous under toes are prevalent and very dangerous.

MEDANO BEACH (Sea of Cortez): Safest Swimming, All Water Sports, Blue Flag
Medano Beach is the safest swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas in the middle of downtown and all the major happenings. The water is calm so is great for swimming. Here you will find all the water activity rentals. Since this beach is the most popular, it tends to be very crowded.

CANNERY BEACH (Sea of Cortez)(La Empacadora Beach): Swimming, Kayak, Blue Flag
For a more peaceful experience, this small beach (located at the end of Marina Blvd. past the Navy base) is popular with locals. This hidden gem is a private, but public beach, with no vendors and is great for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.


Tourist Corridor

PLAYA MONUMENTOS (Monuments Beach): Surfing (No Swimming)
This small beach is good for expert surfing only. It is the closest surfing area to Cabo San Lucas. Great to explore the rocky terrain. It is below Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant with incredible sunset views.

PLAYA CABEZA DE BALLENA(Whale’s Head Beach, Punta Ballena): Swimming, Snorkeling
Great beach for snorkeling and swimming. It’s also a nice sandy beach for sunbathing and relaxing.

PLAYA BARCO VERADO (Shipwreck Beach):Swimming, Snorkeling, Diving
Great for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and tide pools. Although swimming is generally safe, proceed with caution during times when the sea is rough. This is a common diving location for tours. It is located by the Sheraton Grand and the Hacienda Resort.

PLAYA LAS VIUDAS(Widow’s Beach or Twin Dolphin Beach): Swimming, Snorkeling, Blue Flag
This beach should be top on your list as it has many private coves and scenic rock formations. Great for swimming, snorkeling, and has excellent tide pools.

SANTA MARIA BEACH: Safest Swimming, Snorkeling, Blue Flag
Another beach that should be top on your list is Santa Maria Beach. This beach boast calm, clear waters which is perfect for diving, snorkeling, and swimming. It is claimed as a marine sanctuary with an abundance of tropical fish. This beach is great for families.

CHILENO BEACH: Safest Swimming, Snorkeling, Diving, Blue Flag
Great for families, snorkeling and diving. Several reefs are situated in these calm, clear waters with an abundance of marine life consisting of over 80 species. This is a common area for snorkeling and diving tours. Public restrooms and showers are available as well as sandy beach areas and shady places to rest and relax.

TEQUILA COVE (Hilton Cove or Playa Bledito): Swimming, Water Sports
Very safe for swimming and water sports as it has a man-made break water.

PUNTA PALMILLA: Swimming, Snorkeling, Water Sports, Blue Flag
Beautiful and private cove with a large bay perfect for swimming, snorkeling and water sports. Great for families. Near the luxurious One & Only Pamilla Resort.

EL TULE BEACH:Expert Surfing (No Swimming)
Good for the expert surfing only as it has a very strong break with fast swells coming in both directions. Driftwood and boulders on the beach.

PLAYA ACAPULQUITO(Old Man’s Beach & The Rock): Surfing (Risky Swimming), Blue Flag
South of the Arroyo is The Rock and Old Man’s surf breaks. The Rock is best for intermediate surfers and Acapulquito Beach is good for beginners or long boarders.  Good swimming during calm seas.

PLAYA COSTA AZUL (Zippers Beach): Surfing (Risky Swimming)
Home to the world-famous Zippers surf break situated North of the Arroyo and is for advanced Surfers. Swimming is risky and only recommended for surfers. Many surfing competitions take place here every year.

San Jose del Cabo

PLAYA HOTELERA(Hotel Beach): NO swimming, Surf Fishing
A long, open sandy beach with great scenery and good for surf fishing, beach walks (especially at night), horseback riding, and beach volleyball. No swimming allowed as there is a strong undertow.

Located at the north end of Hotel Row. No Swimming as the waves and undertow are strong and dangerous.  Also, a freshwater lagoon that has over 350 species of wildlife and beautiful vegetation. Great for bird watching and hiking around the area.

LA PLAYITA and EL GANZA BEACH CLUBSafe Swimming, Water Sports
At the marina in San Jose del Cabo are two small swimmable beaches. El Ganzo is a beach club with is open to public for small fee. Playita Beach has a roped-off swimming area and regular beach for swimming, skim-boarding, surfing, and other water sports.

What is your ideal dream Los Cabos Vacation? As we explore the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas, a great place to start your vacation is with the basics – the Beach.

The Los Cabos area is made up of two main towns, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas and both towns are connected with a 20-mile stretch of beaches along the Sea of Cortez, named the Tourist Corridor. Most of the beaches are located on the Sea of Cortez which has a variety of beaches to choose from. Some beaches offer scenic beautiful rock formations with pounding waves crashing on the shore, while other beaches are stunning long stretches of sand for soaking in the sun, strolling, or horseback riding. When you book your Cabo vacation rental, stay informed with more details on swimmable beaches in, “Cabo Water Activities: To Swim or Not to Swim

Public Beaches Verses Resort Beaches

Long empty stretches of sand are common along the beach. All the beaches are basically open to the public but be aware that resorts are permitted to claim the beach above the high tide line and area is sometimes blocked off. Otherwise, you’re free to stroll, explore, and settle on most any beach.

Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Cabo San Lucas has three main beaches: Medano Beach, Lovers Beach, and the Cannery Beaches, each offering unique experiences. Medano Beach is the most popular beach in downtown Cabo San Lucas which includes an array of resorts, water activity rentals, and bars/restaurants. Lovers beach (Playa de Amor) is accessible by water taxi only from the marina to Lands End. Lovers Beach boasts the most popular attraction in Cabo, the famous stone arch (El Arco). For a more peaceful beach experience, you can discover the Cannery (also known as Playa Coral Negro) beaches. This hidden gem is a public beach, but also very private with no vendors.

Corridor Beaches

The Tourist Corridor Beaches are located on the Sea of Cortés between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. You will find a variety of swimming, non-swimming, shore fishing, and surfing beaches including Monuments Beach, Punta Ballena, Shipwreck Beach, Widow’s Beach, Santa Maria Beach, Chileno, El Tule, Palmilla, Tequila Cover, Old Man’s Beach, Costa Azul and others.

San Jose del Cabo Beaches

The breathtaking beaches of San José del Cabo are perfect for long strolls, sun bathing, horseback riding, beach combing, and shore fishing which includes Hotel beach and Estuary beach.

Where Are The Beaches?

Below is an interactive map of all the beaches in Los Cabos and the proximity to your Cabo San Lucas Luxury house rental.

For more information on booking your next Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental please email at reservations@bajasurvacationrentals.com


El Dia de Los Niños , a tradition that began in Mexico in 1925, is celebrated on April 30 .  The idea was born from the first “World Conference for the Well-being of Children” that was held in Geneva, Switzerland in August 1925.  At that time several countries selected days to celebrate children.  Dia Del Niño, or Day of the Child, is an annual celebration throughout Mexico.  This day recognizes children, their importance to society and their well-being.

This celebration of children was started in the US on April 30, 1997 and promoted by Pat Mora a literary advocate and award winning author who thought people in the US should join many Latin American countries in this celebration.  Upon learning of this Mexican tradition Pat began developing the coupling of this day with Dia de Los Libros.  Literacy goes hand in hand with the well-being of children. Her idea was to equate El Dia de los Ninos to El Dia de los Libros  and to encourage the love for reading and learning.  A time for parents to read together with their children, visit libraries and bookstores and to create a special library for children to enjoy at home. She presented her idea to the University of Arizona Latino faculty and staff. They contacted a local chapter for the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and Spanish-Speaking.  In addition a group in Santa Fe New Mexio, a national Latina advocacy organization, endorsed the idea.  From the grass roots beginning the idea grew for support in linking language and literature for Dia del Niño and became official in the US in 1997.

Cabo San Lucas Country Club Winter Golf Deal

The Cabo San Lucas Country Club is offering Winter Golf Cards good November 2011 through April 2012 at great discounts.

Platinum Card
Initial Payment of $998.00
4 monthly payments of $250.00 each
Unlimited green fees
Use of practice facility
2 Guest passes
USGA Handicap service
20% merchandise discount
Weekly skins game
Season ending Club Championship
Add family for $899.00
Tax included
Gold Card
Initial Payment of $525.00
5 monthly payments of $175.00
Unlimited greens fees
($22.00 cart fee required)
Use of the practice facility
2 guest passes
USGA Handicap service
20% merchandise discount
Weekly skins game
Season ending Club Championship
Add family for $699.00
Tax included

Baja Sur Vacation Rentals has a number of Cabo Condos and Cabo vacation rental homes near the Cabo San Lucas Golf Course.

Check our inventory at http://www. bajasurvacationrentals.com

We always enjoy reading the Gringo Gazette, one of Cabo’s local English newspapers.  The owner/editor Carrie Duncan is always creative as are the other contributing writers.  Next time you are in Cabo pick up a copy or go online.  Here’s the link:  http://www.gringogazette.tv/

In a recent issue, March 28, I found the following article and thought it would be fun to share.

Who Reads What?
And is anybody reading the Gringo Gazette?

1. The Wall Street Journal is read by the people who run the U.S.

2.  The Washington Post is read by people who think they run the U.S.

3.  The New York Times is read by people who think they should run the U.S. and who are very good at crossword puzzles.

4.  USA Today is read by people who think they ought to run the U.S. but don’t really understand The New York Times.  They do, however, like their statistics shown in pie charts.

5.  The Los Angeles Times is read by people who wouldn’t mind running the U.S., if they could find the time–and if they didn’t have to leave Southern California to do it.

6.  The Boston Globe is read by people whose parents used to run the country and did a poor job of it.

7.  The New York Daily News is read by people who aren’t too sure who’s running the U.S. and don’t really care as long as they can get a seat on the train.

8.  The New York Post is read by people who don’t care who is running the U.S. as long as they do something really scandalous, preferably while intoxicated.

9.  The Miami Herald is read by people who are running another country, but need the baseball scores.

10.  The San Francisco Chronicle is read by people who aren’t sure if there is a United States or that anyone is running it; but if so, they oppose all that they stand for.  There are occasional exceptions if the leaders are handicapped, minority, feminist, atheist dwarfs who also happen to be illegal aliens form any other country or galaxy, provided of course, that they are not Republicans.

11.  The National Enquirer is read by people trapped in line at the grocery store.

12.  The Gringo Gazette is read by people in Mexico who have recently caught a fish and need something to wrap it in.

March 21 is a national holiday in Mexico celebrating Benito Juarez Day.   Benito Juarez was born on March 21, 1806 and died July 18, 1872.  His full name was Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia and he was a lawyer and politician from Oaxaca.  He served 5 terms as President of Mexico from 1858 to 1872.  He is known for being the first Mexican leader who did not have a military background and was also the first full-blooded indigenous national ever to serve at President of Mexico and to lead a country in the Western Hemisphere.  During his reign he resisted French occupation, overthrew the Empire and restored the Republic.  He is also known for his liberal efforts to modernize the country. 

Today he is remembered as a progressive reformer dedicated to democracy and equal rights.  His time as President is known as La Reforma (the reform), and “constituted a liberal political and social revolution”. His photo is on the 20 pesos bank note.

Mexican banks, state and federal offices and local offices will be closed today.