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Cabo San Lucas Country Club Winter Golf Deal

The Cabo San Lucas Country Club is offering Winter Golf Cards good November 2011 through April 2012 at great discounts.

Platinum Card
Initial Payment of $998.00
4 monthly payments of $250.00 each
Unlimited green fees
Use of practice facility
2 Guest passes
USGA Handicap service
20% merchandise discount
Weekly skins game
Season ending Club Championship
Add family for $899.00
Tax included
Gold Card
Initial Payment of $525.00
5 monthly payments of $175.00
Unlimited greens fees
($22.00 cart fee required)
Use of the practice facility
2 guest passes
USGA Handicap service
20% merchandise discount
Weekly skins game
Season ending Club Championship
Add family for $699.00
Tax included

Baja Sur Vacation Rentals has a number of Cabo Condos and Cabo vacation rental homes near the Cabo San Lucas Golf Course.

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Cactus World San Jose del Cabo
Cactus World San Jose del Cabo

I had the opportunity to visit Cacti Mundo on a recent visit to San Jose del Cabo and enjoyed walking through this wonderful Cacti garden.  Having lived in the desert for many years I thought I had seen every cactus possible, but not so.  The variety of the Cacti found in Cacti Mundo (Cactus World) is amazing.  It’s a relatively small garden with so much to see.  The cost is only 30 pesos and worth it.

Cactus World San Jose del Cabo

Cacti Mundo is located in San Jose del Cabo.  To get there go past Hotel Row and turn left at the El Presidente and entrance to the Estuary.  Cacti Mundo is about 1/2 mile up the street on the left side as you are heading into downtown San Jose del Cabo.

Sunrider Adventure

The Sunrider Adventure offers a variety of tours.  We enjoyed their Sunset Dinner Cruise not too long ago but they offer so much more.

Sunset Dinner Cruise
Mexican Buffet with full open bar
½ half price for children under 10
Sprint/Summer 5:30-8:30
Fall/Winter 4:00-6:30

Whale Watching Dinner Cruise
Mexican Buffet with full open bar
½ price for children under 10

Snorkel Lunch Cruise
1 hours of snorkeling in Santa Maria Bay
Mexican Buffet with full open bar
½ price for children under 10
11:00 AM- 2:30 PM

Whale Watching Lunch Cruise
Mexican Buffet with full open bar
½ price for children under 10
10:30 AM-1:30 PM

Mexican Buffet includes:  BBQ beef, chicken skewers, refried beans, tortilla chips, dipping melted cheese, guacamole salsa, fresh fruit, rice and vegetables.

Open Bar includes: Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, Tequila, Beer, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, sodas and juices.

Board at Dock 4 thirty minutes prior to departure.

Private charters, special events and catering also available.

Reservations required  1-888-332-8477

Prices subject to change

Father Nicolas Tamaral established the Mission San Jose del Cabo Anuiti in 1730 as part of the Jesuit colonization of the peninsula of Baja California.  The building site was moved by the missionaries on several occasions in an attempt to flee from epidemics and mosquito infestations, while securing a source of fresh water.  Early buildings were simple structures of adobe, sticks and palm fronds, vulnerable to storm damage.

In 1734, the region’s Pericu Indians destroyed the four southern missions, including the Mission of San Jose. Father Tamaral was murdered with great cruelty during the uprising which is depicted on the tile mural above the church’s entrance.

The Jesuits left the Baja Peninsula in 1768, to be followed by the Franciscans and then the Dominicans.  The Combonian missionaries served the Mission of San Jose from 1948 to 1986. Since, the church has been in the hands of diocesan clergy.

The twin-towered church seen today was built in 1932, at the traditional location on the plaza long occupied by the Mission of San Jose.

In the 12 years we have been in Cabo I have met an array of interesting people who have packed up, left their home country and moved to Cabo to enjoy all it has to offer.

The other day I stopped by the Happy Ending Cantina in hopes of learning more about this popular bar in Cabo and how it came to be.  I repeatedly noticed reviews on Trip Advisor and wanted to know more.  It was mid day and Regine the owner was sitting at a table chatting with a local friend.  I was happy to have the opportunity to meet her and to hear about her story and her life in Cabo.  She was kind enough to share this story with me so I can share it with you.

The owners of Happy Ending Cantina, Gene, El Jefe, and Regine, La Jefa, began living in Cabo San Lucas in December 1986 with their five-year-old daughter, Rena, and their one-year-old son, Rex.  Shortly after moving to Cabo, Regine learned she was pregnant with twins and Rio and Regine were born in August 1987.

Since 1982, Gene has been a California licensed private detective who has traveled the world conducting international investigations.  He specializes in conducting Complex Litigation Investigations and Covert Intelligence Gathering & Analysis.

Gene and Regine visited Cabo San Lucas for the first time in the summer of 1986 and almost immediately fell in love with the lifestyle, weather, people, etc., and seriously considered moving there.  Because Rena was beginning kindergarten they began inquiring about the availability of private schools and learned that Cabo’s first private school, “El Camino,” had opened two years earlier.  After personally checking out and approving El Camino, they decided to purchase a beach home that was under construction on the best beach in Mexico.

According to Gene and Regine, this was long before Cabo had golf courses, fancy hotels and time share resorts.  There were only three flights per week from the USA to Cabo San Lucas. There was only one Pemex Gas Station in Cabo San Lucas and one in San Jose del Cabo. There were only a couple paved streets in Cabo. There were no divided highways, no supermarkets, no shopping centers, no traffic lights and virtually nothing to do but fish or lay on the beach or by the pool. All the beaches were accessible and virtually empty. Everything was inexpensive. Bottles of Corona were only 12 cents each when purchased by the case after paying the bottle deposit. It was a different world back then.  It was incredible!   In 1986, the only “nightclub” in town was the Giggling Marlin that had been opened by a couple of young American guys in 1985.

Gene and Regine owned three ATVs and three scooters which they brought with them to Cabo.   Everyday they would be flagged down by tourists asking them where they had rented it.  There were no such rental businesses in Cabo at the time.  Although Gene and Regine hadn’t planned on opening a business in Mexico they realized a business opportunity when they saw it.  Gene returned to southern California and purchased 60 scooters and 25 ATVs.   They purchased the property where Happy Ending is now located and opened “Chubasco’s,” the first scooter, motorcycle and ATV tour company in Mexico.  Business was terrific!  A couple years later Squid Roe was built, followed by the Melia Hotel on Medano Beach, Pueblo Bonito (Blanco)……and the rest is history.

Rena attended El Camino school through the fifth grade and Rex through the second grade.  In 1991, Gene and Regine decided to return to southern Cal so their kids could get an American education.  They closed up Chubasco’s, built and rented three stores on the property and moved back to the states.  Rena is now a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County, Rex and Rio are Police Officers for the City of Los Angeles and Regine works for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies in Los Angeles.

After moving to California in 1991, Gene, Regine and their kids vacationed almost every summer in Cabo San Lucas.  They watched, year-after-year, as the prices of almost everything skyrocketed.  It was as though Cabo was no longer part of Mexico and had become a beach resort town somewhere in Kauai, Hawaii.  They could understand when many tourists told them the prices, from beers to tacos to activities, had become outrageously expensive in many Cabo establishments.

In 2008 Gene and Regine reacquired two of the stores on their property.  They decided the property was too valuable to keep as a location for retail stores and decided to build a bar and restaurant.  This would be their first endeavor in the bar/restaurant business.  They describe the property as being on the “50-yard line” in Cabo’s nightclub zone.  One “end zone” has Cabo Wabo and the Giggling Marlin and the other has Squid Roe, the Hard Rock Cafe, Mandala’s and the Pink Kitty.

Happy Ending Cantina opened on October 29, 2008.  It’s motto has always been “Bringing Mexican Prices Back to Cabo.”  It quickly became one of the most popular bars in Cabo.  In August 2010, www.TripAdvisor.com rated it the Number One bar/restaurant among the 169 in Cabo San Lucas.  Gene and Regine attribute their “Best Bar in Cabo” status to a variety of factors:  They have the most affordable prices in Cabo; Ice cold bottles of Corona and Pacifico are always only $5; A double shot of their super-smooth tequila is always only $1; Or, you can get their “Promo” of 2 beers AND 2 shots for only $5.  Everything else is similarly priced.  For example, large freshly made margaritas made with Jimidor tequila are always only $5.  Gene and Regine proudly proclaim their “No B.S. Pricing Policy” by never offering 2X1, Happy Hour or Ladies Night like so many others.

Happy Ending is the only bar in Cabo that offers Beer Pong and Flip Cup.  They actually have 18 regulation size Beer Pong tables as well as pool tables.  When the second story is finished, smoking will be permitted upstairs and hookahs will be available.  A professional Shuffle Board table, at least 20 feet-long will also be available upstairs.  Other fun activities are in the works.

Happy Ending’s bar and four bathrooms are kept spotlessly clean by the cleaning crew from 10:00 am until 3:00 am.  Most nights will find a four women cleaning crew hard at work keeping everything immaculate.

Unlike some bars, Happy Ending will never charge a customer for any drink that wasn’t ordered and consumed.  You’ll only pay for what you drink and not a peso more.

Gene and Regine only hire the best bartenders and servers in the business and require that all employees follow strict written rules of conduct.  A day never passes without customers complimenting the way they’re treated by the employees.

Happy Ending Cantina has become so popular that it’s constantly expanding. A 25 foot-long “Cowgirl Bar” was recently constructed to supplement the original 30 foot- long “Bikini Girl Bar” in order to provide more efficient customer service.

The largest open air palapa roof in Cabo was just completed over the entire property.  In a few months construction of Happy Ending’s new 45 foot-long Sky Bar on the second floor, as well as additional bathrooms, will be complete.  Cabo’s only professional Shuffle Board table, at least 20 feet in length, as well as hookahs will be available upstairs.  Other amenities are in the planning stage.

Regular customers come from practically everywhere: Local Mexicans, Americans and tourists from around the globe. Many well known athletes and celebrities party at Happy Ending every time they visit Cabo. Almost every night bartenders and waiters from other clubs in Cabo come to party at Happy Ending during their free time.

Gene and Regine hope they will be able to personally welcome you to Happy Ending Cantina the next time you visit Cabo San Lucas.

Happy Ending always welcomes suggestions and ideas. Please send your comments directly to Gene, “El Jefe,” at HappyEndingGene@gmail.com, or to Regine, “La Jefa,” at HappyEndingRegine@gmail.com.

Reading and learning have always been a big part of my life.  I recently met Meg Graham the author of Ahora Hablo! Travel Edition, Seven Simple Steps to Authentic Spanish. Her book is designed for the native English speaker who would like to gain Spanish communication skills quickly and easily.  This compact book offers readers a way to combine basic verbs and vocabulary to communicate in everyday situations.  All words have a phonetic key, based on English pronunciation.  I particularly like the phonetic key.  After living in Cabo I discovered there are a number of words that look the same but are pronounced a bit differently with very different meanings.  This book with its user-friendly approach is perfect for travelers who want to learn conversational Spanish.  In addition to the Traveler Edition there is an Educator Edition and a Medical Edition

If you would like to review or purchase this book I have provided a link below.


Learn Spanish

Vacation Rental How-To’s

Taking a vacation? What about the Vacation Rental option?

Despite the down turn in the economy, many individuals, families and groups are still traveling but just on a more conservative budget. Renting vacation homes is gaining popularity as many people are realizing they offer affordability, amenities and privacy that is very difficult to find in a hotel or resort stay.

When you have a large group or family reunion, renting a home with several bedrooms can be up to 40% less expensive that the cost of several hotel or resort rooms.

When searching for the vacation  rental for you and your group, use the following guidelines:

Be flexible on your dates as this will help in the booking of a vacation home. Expect to pay a premium rate during the holiday seasons and discounts during the off season. So, if you are on a restricted budget, you may want to look at the off season.

Decide on your list of amenities you will desire during your stay as many homes offer private pools and Jacuzzi’s, BBQ’s, tennis courts, recreational rooms and patios or decks for gathering and viewing. You should decide on how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need and just as important, what sleeping accommodations are needed. That is, do you want a king, queen or twin size beds for your group and will the rooms be private or shared.

You also want to ask the question on what supplies are in the house. Most homes have all of the sheets, towels and paper products needed. Obviously, many of the larger villas offer toiletries, hair dryers and much more… To avoid any problems, ask he rental agent about your needs and requests prior to your arrival.

You should also do a little homework about the area so you are somewhat familiar with attractions, activities, shopping areas, grocery stores and emergency facilities in the area. You can also ask your rental agent about concierge services and everything they have to offer to you during your stay. Your contact at Baja Sur Vacation Rentals  has lived in Cabo full time for over 10 years and has been in every home we rent.

Please contact Baja Sur Vacation Rentals about their vacation homes and the professional concierge services they offer to their clients.


E-mail: info@bajasurvacationrentals.com

Toll Free  (888) 332-8477.

Cabo San Lucas Fun is where it all begins

Now more than ever it is time to soak up the sun and enjoy the outdoor activities offered in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  With its near perfect climate, spectacular beaches & romantic sunsets, Cabo San Lucas fun is the ideal year round getaway offering a vacation experience like no other.

Whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway or a long leisurely stay, Cabo San Lucas offers everything you can imagine and you are invited to come along and enjoy our paradise….

Incomparable Destination:

With numerous water & land activities offered in one place, you will run out of time before you run out of things to do!  Whether it is playing golf on one of the many World Class Golf Courses in Los Cabos or fishing the blue open seas in the Marlin Capital of the World, you will create vacation memories of a lifetime.

Outdoor Activities:

Championship Golf, World Class Deep Sea Fishing, ATV’s, Sunset Cruises, Water Activities, Horseback Riding, Dolphin Adventure, Snorkeling and Scuba Tours, City & Local Tours plus plenty more can be booked by Baja Sur Vacation Rental Company during your stay.

The Beach, of Course:

With miles of pristine beaches, there are 3 recommended swimming beaches in Los Cabos. Medano, Santa Maria & Chileno Bay are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and scuba or just relaxing and taking in the spectacular pristine beach, rock outcroppings and beautiful water.

Still Looking for More:

For your perfect vacation to Cabo San Lucas, contact Baja Sur Vacation Rental Company and we will make all of your arrangements for you during your stay.  We offer spectacular vacation rentals so you can enjoy your vacation in the privacy of your own home, villa or condo. In addition we can make all of your transportation, provisioning and local activity reservations during your stay.

Need help? Our friendly team of specialists is available to help you find the perfect property for your vacation needs or answer any questions you have!

Phone: +1 (888) 332-8477

Email:  reservations@bajasurvacationrentals.com

Let Us Find You The Perfect Place To Stay

Contact: (888) 332-8477

To fully enjoy the activities offered by Cabo San Lucas, it is highly advisable that vacationers partner with a tried and tested vacation rental company with an unmatched experience of the area. In this case, Baja Sur Vacation Rentals is here for you. We match vacationers to the ideal Cabo vacation rentals for their trip. Our services which are tailored to meet our guests needs from concierge services, home provision before travel, in-house gourmet and spa services, car rentals and private airport transfers. Our Cabo vacation rentals range from studio apartments to ten bedroom luxury vacation villas with prices that match every guests needs. Begin your dream Cabo vacation today: begin by searching for through our vacation rental homes, condos and villas and contact us with any questions. We also have Luxury Cabo Villas available to rent.

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