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Volunteer First Department and Volunteer Lifeguards
Cuerpo de Bomberos and Cuerpo de Salvavidas Voluntarios
Cabo San Lucas: 143-9000
San Jose del Cabo: 142-2466

The Cabo San Lucas Fire Department is a civil association that operates in large part from the donations of equipment, supplies, or money by people wanting to invest in their security. This project was made a reality because of good, hard work and each person who contributed his or her own donation.

The Cabo San Lucas Fire Department was founded in 1982, when a single citizen by the name of Gildardo Payan Azcarraga, hailing from the state of Sinaloa but adopted by these lands, became aware of the social necessities at that time. Among them was the need for a group of firemen to look after the security of the people; armed with a pail, couple of radios, an old vehicle, the patio of a house as central, but most importantly loaded with enthusiasm, he founded what today you know as the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department.

The priority of the fire department is safeguarding the lives and goods of both locals and visitors who arrive at this tourist destination. The firemen believe unquestionably in prevention through the education of the public; to prevent is to save lives and goods in advance

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