Cabo Update

Cabo Update

Just received this update from the Gringo Gazette regarding progress in Cabo.

Baja Recovering Rapidly

September 22, 2014

Wallmart and Sam’s Club are open again.

The Army has restored order, sending about 7,000 soldiers to us. There are guards at every corner downtown Cabo and at all banks, and helicopters in the air. the curfew has been lifted.

Some gas stations are open, and those have short lines, with soldiers standing by them Most, but not all banks are closed, as they have suffered window damage and do not have reliable computer connections the power is being restored way quicker than was predicted, but much of the power that is available is shaky, coming and going, as does cell service and internet. Texting is working better than email.

There is enough food, as the government flew in emergency supplies and is handing it out in the barrios. the Americans have the resources to drive to La Paz for their food, which is well stocked.

La Paz men are driving down looking for work cleaning up and repairing. There is plenty of that for them. The Hotel Ass. is estimating $1 billion in repairs, but that seems high. Its mostly glass blown out and on the lower floors some flooding. Well, their furniture wasn’t real happy about the wind and rain whooshing in.

Most of the Cabo marina came thru OK. When the storm was approaching, the flow of fuel to the underwater tanks was cut off and the lines drained. No word on the SJ marina but no doubt they took the same precautions.

Some businesses in Cabo have re opened, such as Captain Tony’s and Baja Cantina. Tanga Tanga is still mopping up, so the town drunks are going to have to come up with a plan B.

If any other businesses would like to report in, that they are open for business, we will get the word out. The road from San Diego is open, but wet and broken in some places.

The Gringo Gazette is printed in San Diego, and miraculously we went to press on time. The bigger miracle is the papers made it down the peninsula over the weekend and they are being distributed on Monday, today, right on time. Sometimes we even amaze ourselves.

Look for the GG in the racks today. Whoops! All our racks have blown away. Well, look around, we’ll leave them out somewhere for you. You may also see the paper online at We have put all the storm reports in front of the pay wall so you can see them for free. But honestly, would it kill you to pay a buck to get into our site anyway? Our entire team has busted our asses to keep you as informed as possible, and to try to counter balance the misinformation rampant on social media.

Let’s all congratulate ourselves for coming through some tough times, and we at the GG look forward to all of us pulling together in the coming weeks, and even months as we get back to normal.

Well, we will get back to Cabo normal.


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