Cabo San Lucas one of 5 Romantic Getaways

Cabo San Lucas one of 5 Romantic Getaways

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Top 5 Romantic Getaways

By Alexandra Jacobs

Romantic vacations are a perfect way to reconnect with your partner and enjoy the long summer months. From vacationing in the states to overseas destinations, there are more than enough destinations to provide a dream vacation. Check out these top 5 romantic week long travel destinations!


Mexico is the ultimate romantic getaway location. Cabo San Lucas is a gorgeous collection of seaside villages, white sand beaches and stunning blue inlets. There is an abundance of fun activities to take part in, including snorkeling, ski diving, jet skiing, tanning and swimming. Cabo offers an array of hotel and resort accommodations as well as many different vacation rental options. Baja Sur Vacation Rentals offers gorgeous vacation rentals with rooms that come with a view of the ocean and access to the beach and a pool, depending on where you choose to stay. It’s also a prominent wedding location. Visitors can find great dining in the city. Hacienda Cocina y Cantina serves up an exceptional ambience and delicious Mexican cuisine. Maro’s Shrimp House is one of the lesser-known dining venues of the city. It’s definitely worth your time. You’ll be able to enjoy yummy seaside food with a spicy Mexican twist. Don’t forget to visit El Arco. This natural rock formation is a popular whale-watching site and snorkeling spot.

Puerto Vallarta

There is perhaps no more exotic spot to vacation with your partner than Puerto Vallarta. The beaches are pristine, the local culture is nearly as flavorful as its delicious cuisine and the weather is subtropical. The Dreams Resort and Spa is the most beautiful place to lodge while you visit. The resort offers activities for children throughout the day, luxurious spas and massages, amazing swimming pools and gorgeous rooms. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy a wedding, honeymoon or anniversary. If you prefer a Vacation Rental Home Baja Sur Vacation Rentals has a number of homes in Puerto Vallarta as well.   The River Café in downtown Puerto Vallarta is a delicious experience. Iguanas bask in the sunlight along the walls and guests can enjoy the cool breeze off the harbor while they dine. Epoca is also a nice place to eat. The talents of the chef, who manages to combine contemporary Mexican cuisine with fresh, modern flavors, will dazzle visitors. Make sure you visit the Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk before you leave and enjoy the seafood.

The Hamptons

New York City is more than a collection of skyscrapers.  If you want to do a full week vacation, plan on a New York City and Hamptons getaway. You can find a clean, luxurious and romantic setting when you visit the Hamptons. If you are lucky enough to own a luxurious New York City Loft, you can take the quick drive out to the “island.”  If you are just looking for a week long rental, just go straight to The Hamptons.  The Montauk Yacht Club Resort and Marina is a beautiful place to stay. Visit with or without a privately owned vessel and enjoy the stunning views of the marina. You can spend the day enjoying the private spa, pool or sunny balconies. The hotel also offers its own dining. If you visit Gosman’s Dock visitors can check out great cuisine like the Trails End Restaurant. They offer all the fixings of an old-fashioned home cooked meal. John’s Pancake House is also a great place to grab some yummy breakfast.



Greece has an ancient culture. The Saint John’s Resort combines beautifully with the terrain and ruins of yesteryear to create an ethereal, exotic resort for guests. It boasts over 20,000 meters of seashore. They’re also famous for hosting unique weddings both inside the resort and on the beach. In addition, guests can explore the relaxing spas, resort dining and gym equipment. Kiki’s Tavern is a hidden gem perfect for couples looking for a romantic spot to dine at night. Visitors can sit inside, but it’s the outdoor seating that really takes center stage here. Those searching for a perfect view of the ocean will find it at Kiki’s. On top of the great views, the food is fantastic, Mediterranean style cuisine at its best. Katerina’s Bar and Restaurant is located in ‘Little Venice,’ an off branch of the downtown island area. It’s a cool oasis in the midst of discount viagra without prescription a hot, humid afternoon. The food is trendy, tasty and the drinks are perfectly thirst quenching.



You haven’t truly tasted Spanish culture until you have visited Marbella, Spain. The Marbella Beach Resort in Spain is a little slice of heaven. It’s the perfect place for couples to relax and soak up the sun. Choose from villas, apartments and rooms for accommodations. Located right on Costa del Sol, or ‘The Sun Coast,’ there are huts and small tents set up as far as the eye can see. The seashore is clean. The nightlife in Puerto Banus is also fun to explore. Some of the best places to dine in the area include Gorky, a Spanish-style bar located in the heart of the city. Another tapas bar to visit is La Venecia de los Olivos. The price of the actual tapas includes drinks at all of the tapas bars downtown.

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