Cabo San Lucas Grocery Options

Cabo San Lucas Grocery Options

If we’ve heard this once, we’ve heard it a million times!

“Is there a decent grocery store in Cabo and, if so, how close is it?”

The good news is that there are quite a few options in and around Cabo that are conveniently located. The great news is that they carry many of the same items that you would find in the States as well as local specialties which makes shopping fun, easy and stress free.

Here’s a rundown of the local options:

Walmart is located a little over a mile from downtown Cabo San Lucas on Highway 1. There is a large selection of both American and Mexican products at this large location. This is a great place to buy swim gear, sunscreen, alcohol, and toiletries. Very similar to Walmart in the States.

Also located on Highway 1, Costco is about two miles from downtown Cabo. Strangely, upon stepping through the doors, one might swear they were back home as the layout and merchandise are virtually identical to your local Costco. In fact, it’s easy to forget you are at the bottom of the Baja peninsula. It is worth noting, however, that there are other products that are not found at home which make it very exciting to raom the aisles. Among these items are masa flour and large bags of jalapenos and dried chiles.

Beyond these transplant stores are the local chains that many guests find superlative for their authentic products. Mega, CCC and Soriana are among the most popular in the Los Cabos area. Soriana and Mega each have large stores in the San Jose area which are convenient when driving from the airport while CCC and Soriana offer locations on the highway from Cabo leading to Todos Santos.

In addition to the larger grocery stores, there are many smaller markets – known as bodegas or mercados – where prices are more similar to what one might expect to find in Mexico. These bakeries, produce and meat markets are found throughout Cabo. Furthermore, tourism is responsible for bringing specialty shops to town where you can even find such items as bagels and lox, Italian prosciutto, and imported cheeses and wines.

As you can see, there is no shortage of grocery options in Cabo San Lucas. From small markets to huge warehouse clubs, the city at the tip of the peninsula has you covered!

Resource: Chaikin, Judy. “Los Cabo Grocery Shopping Guide.”

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