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Los Cabos, including the 2 communities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, has a variety of beautiful golf courses for those visiting the area. Offering “Chamber of Commerce” weather during the fall, winter, spring and most of the summer, Cabo is the perfect place for the golf enthusiast. Each golf course has its own personality and fabulous views of the beautiful Sea of Cortez or Pacific Ocean.

Cabo Del Sol, about 15 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas, is commonly known as “The Pebble Beach” of Mexico. There are 2 courses, The Ocean Course and The Desert Course. The Ocean Course is a world-renowned Jack Nicklaus Signature design course that stretches for more than a mile along the Sea of Cortez coastline of craggy rock outcroppings and sun-washed shores. This championship layout is praised by Nicklaus himself for having the “three finest finishing holes in all of golf.

The Desert Course was designed by Tom Weiskopf, and spreads across the gently rolling desert terrain with overlooking ocean views. The course varies in length from 4,810 to 7,100 ft. with undulating greens, elevation changes and dramatic bunkering.

Baja Sur Vacation Rentals offers the following homes on or near the Cabo Del Sol Golf Course:
Cabo Vista
Casa Bella
Casa Berlaine
Casa Colibri
Casa De La Campana
Hacienda del Sol
Villa Pelicano

Polite Phrases

Good morning
Buenos dias.

Good afternoon
Buenas tardes.

Good night.
Buenas noches.

Good bye see you later.
Adios; hasta la vista.

Thank you.

Yes, very good.
Si; muy bien.

Por favor

Excuse me

I am very sorry.
Lo siento mucho.

To express needs

I need, we need
Necesito: necessitamos

I would like to telephone.
Quisiera telefonear.

I am hungry; We are hungry
Tengo hambre; tenemos hambre

I am thirsty; We are thirsty
Tengo sed; tenemos sed.

I am cold; We are cold.
Tengo frio; tenemos frio

I am warm; We are warm.
Tengo calor; tenemos calor

I am tired; We are tired
Estoy cansado; estamos cansados

I am sick; We are sick.
Estoy enfermo; estamos enfermos.

The child is sick; tired
El niño (la niña) esta enfermo; cansado

Men’s room; Ladie’s room
El baño de hombres, de damas


Auxilio; Socorro (m)

If you have any phrases you’d like to share, we’d love for you to leave a comment with the english to spanish version in the comments area!

In traveling the Baja Peninsula over the past 11 years we have some favorite places we enjoy revisiting.  If you ever have the chance to explore areas outside of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo on your vacation I would suggest these.

Punta Chivato

Punta Chivato

Located just north of Mulege and east along a 20+ mile bumpy dirt road your will find Punta Chivato, the jewel of the desert. Posada de Las Flores is a beautiful boutique hotel and well worth the drive, just be sure you have good shocks! Posada de las Flores has 18 units, 8 standard rooms and 10 Jr. Suites all overlooking the Sea of Cortez. All are decorated with an exquisite Mexican touch, fine bath sundries, porches and servi-bar. The restaurant overlooks the bay and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is my favorite get away from it all place, peaceful, quiet, and beautiful.

Common firsts

yes – si
no – no
please – por favor
thank you – gracias
you’re welcome – de nada
sorry – perdon
What is your name? – Como se Llama?
My name is… – Mi nombre es…


Do you speak English?
Habla Ingles?

Do you understand English?
Entiende Ud. El ingles

Do you understand me?
Me Entiende?

I do not speak Spanish.
No hablo español.

Yes sir; no madam
Si señor, no señora

Very little
Muy poco

I do not understand
No entiendo.

Please speak slowly
Hable despacio por favor

Do you understand me?
Me entiende Usted?

Please speak slowly.
Por favor hable despacio.

I wish to speak with an interpreter.
Quisiera hablar con un interprete.

What did you say?
Como dice?

What does it mean?
Que significa esto?

If you have any phrases you’d like to share, we’d love for you to leave a comment with the english to spanish version in the comments area!

Feliz Navidad!

Over the years with our staff in Cabo San Lucas we have enjoyed these traditions. We have held a posada at our annual Christmas Party complete with the traditional song seeking shelter. Each January 6 we have several loaves of Three Kings Bread delivered and we have a celebration together partaking in the bread and drinking the a special rich hot chocolate called Champurrado. Our loaves of Three Kings Bread always seems to have extra babies in them. In fact it is known that a couple of babies have been slipped in to my husband’s bread each year for fun. It is good luck to receive the baby and each person who finds a baby in their piece of bread must bring fresh tamales to work on Feb. 2. We usually have more than enough delicious tamales shared by all.

Over our more than 10 years in Cabo we have enjoyed many of the local traditions and have felt honored to be part of them. I wanted to share them here with you.

The Christmas season begins in Mexico and most Spanish-speaking countries on Dec. 16, when Las Posadas festivities begin. For nine days, the time many believe it took Joseph and May to travel to Bethlehem, there are beautiful candlelight processions along the streets reenacting the holy family’s search for lodging.

Many times children dress as Mary and Joseph and go to various homes, knock on the doors and sing a song seeking shelter. At one designated home, the group is allowed to enter, and is treated to a special treat that usually includes tamales and the holiday punch called ponche. After the meal the children are invited to break open a piñata.

Noche Buena is the final night of the posada procession where families gather for fiestas. The celebration includes traditional foods including tamales, a salad of beets, apples, oranges, jicama and peanuts garnished with pomegranates (ensalada de Noche Buena), and bacalao (a traditional stew-like mixture of salt cod, garlic, tomatoes, olives, cloves, cinnamon, pickled jalapeños and potatoes.

El Dia de Los Tres Reyes (The Day of the Three Kings)

On January 6, gifts are given out, just as the three kings/wise men brought gifts to baby Jesus. The tradition on this day is to share the Three Kings Bread (rosca de reyes) which is a sweet fruit-filled bread that contains tiny dolls representing the Christ child.

The lucky people who find a doll in his or her piece must make dinner for the entire family on Feb. 2 which is the Dia de la Candelaria (Candlemas), the day Mexico’s holiday season officially ends.

The 21 miles of highway between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas is popularly known as “The Corridor”.  Along this stretch of 4 lane highway are a number of beautiful resorts, private home developments and luxury condos.  Favorite beaches along the corridor are the Palmilla Beach (Km27), El Blendito (Km 19.5), Chileno Bay (Km 14), and Santa Maria Bay (Km 13), all swimming beaches.  Golf Courses along the corridor include Palmilla, Cabo Real, Casa del Mar Golf Resort, Querencia (private), Cabo del Sol Ocean and Desert courses, and the Cabo San Lucas Country Club.

Baja Sur Vacation Rentals offers a variety of homes and condos in a number of communities along the corridor.

View Vacation Rentals in Cabo San Lucas – “The Corridor”

San Jose Del Cabo is a colonial town situated on Mexican Highway #1 and the Sea of Cortez.  This city was founded in 1730 and serves as a marketing center for the surrounding agricultural and cattle raising area.  San Jose del Cabo is the local seat of government for the municipio of Los Cabos and the Palacio Municipal (City Hall), built in 1927, is located in the central plaza. Even though a number of new resorts, a new marina (Puerto Los Cabos) and home developments have appeared in the last few years San Jose del Cabo maintains its sleepy small-town charm.

Downtown San Jose del Cabo offers a variety of shops, restaurants and art studios.  Each week there is an art walk where you will find visitors and local families enjoying all that is offered.  Good restaurants are plentiful and with the new marina and 3-4 golf courses in the area fishing and golf are just minutes away.

Baja Sur Vacation Rentals offers a variety of condos, homes and villas in and near San Jose del Cabo.  This selection of San Jose del Cabo vacation rentals can be viewed at: Vacation Rentals in San Jose Del Cabo

Every fall since 1994 Cabo has been host to the arrival of The Baja Ha Ha Rally. This boating rally departs San Diego the last week of October for the 750 mile trip which ends in Cabo San Lucas the first week of November.

The Rally participants, 193 entrants for the 2009 event, make 2 stops along the way. One stop at Turtle Bay (Bahia Tortuga) and the other at Bahia Santa Maria. The rally’s purpose is to enjoy sailing, make friends and get everyone safe to Cabo.

Over the years we have lived in Cabo we have enjoyed the arrival of the 150-200 boats that arrive in the Cabo Bay each year. We have had friends sail in this rally and have met a number of others. It’s a fun group of people who love sailing.

For more information about this rally: http://www.baja-haha.com/

Mexico is not all about tacos, margaritas, salsa, tequila, sunshine and sunsets, inexpensive living, sombreros and mariachi bands.

Living in Mexico is also about health care and where do we go for it when we need it. We have all heard about difficulties ex-patriates have had in getting quality health care when in the land of the Aztecs and Mayans. Often a language barrier prevails for those of Anglo descent.

At a time of a major medical crisis is it as simple as going to the yellow pages or the Internet in Phoenix, Calgary, Buffalo or Toronto to get to an English speaking health care provider. Not that acceptable medical care or better is unavailable in Mexico, it is, but what if your preferred health care providers are in your hometown USA or Canada? What if you want the comfort of your Medicare medical professionals or your provincial healthcare plan in Canada? American Medicare may reimburse you for a small amount of emergency care to stabilize you but does not pay for hospitalization in or evacuation from a foreign country. The Canadian health care plans pay a pittance although out-of-province insurance can be counted upon, but in many if not most cases it is the traveler’s responsibility to pays all charges and then submit them for recovery payment.

If the illness or injury is a critical one it may well be your hometown option is best for you and your loved ones. To be repatriated to those hometown providers thousands of miles from where you are spending your time in Mexico is very costly. Especially if a flight by medically equipped jet is required. This can run into tens of thousands of dollars. More important is the air ambulance provider wants to be paid up front, in other words, cash in advance.

A very affordable answer can be a prepaid inexpensive travel membership service like 20 year old SkyMed International Inc,

As Maralyne Hoenes, Kalamazoo, Michigan said after suffering a critical illness in Cancun, Mexico, “If it weren’t for SkyMed I would not be alive today.” SkyMed repatriated Mr. and Mrs. Hoenes to their hometown.


“The Day of the Dead” or “All Soul’s Day”

El Dia de los Muertos is a holiday that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to remember and pray for friends and family who have passed away.  The celebration on November 1 is in connection with the Catholic All Saints’ Day and November 2 All Souls’ Day.  Traditionally private altars honoring the deceased are built using skulls, flowers, and favorite foods and beverages of the departed.  These altars are taken to graves as gifts or displayed in homes.

Over the years we have lived in Cabo San Lucas, our property management staff have celebrated Halloween with a pumpkin carving contest and El Dia de los Muertos with altars built and brought to the office for display.  Our employees always amaze me with their creativity.  For some it was the first time they had ever carved a pumpkin and all were festive.  For me, it was my first glance at the beautiful way they honor family and friends who have passed on.  Through our years together in Cabo I believe we have learned more about each other and shared in special celebrations.

Find out more about Dia de los Muertos on WikiPedia