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Thought of the Week

The trouble with opportunity is that it always comes disguised as hard work

-       Herbert V. Prochnow

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One Response to “Thought of the Week”

  1. Darci Dunleavy
    9. January 2012 at 03:46

    Dear Abby,
    Thanks be to God! He has flooded you with grace to remove the blinders. Just as we have prayed for you these last eight years, we will now pray for you by name. I will tell everyone that I know to pray for ABBY, to lift her and sustain her, to embolden her and empower her! Your faith has allowed God to put you in the very eye of a hurricane. There will be a raging battle of good and evil swirling with violence around you at all times. But in the “eye” there is utter and complete calm. In the eye with you is Jesus and his precious Mother whom is always near to Him. You will not be alone or unprotected. He will send many angels and warriors to step into the swirling chaos. You are to stay in the calm. In the eye. Do not let Satan rob you of peace. There is a mantle of protection wrapped around you. Choose peace and it will be there for you. PRAISE BE TO GOD for your courage and His MERCY!
    In Him,

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